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About KART

KART is Illuminate's cutting-edge B2B and B2C ecommerce platform designed to empower businesses with a unified, scalable, and flexible solution. Whether you're a manufacturer, distributor, or wholesaler, KART streamlines your commerce operations for growth and success.

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Unlock the Potential of KART B2B & B2C Ecommerce

Modular Commerce

Customize and extend features as your business grows and adapts.

Scalable Platform

Seamlessly handle increasing orders, SKUs, and B2B setups.

Rapid Integrations

Easily connect with third-party software and services from one spot.

B2B-specific Capabilities

Optimize B2B journeys, personalized catalogs, and agent assist features.

Advanced Product Management

Create multiple SKUs, variants, and manage pricing effectively.

Real-time Order Tracking

Provide customers with accurate tracking information.

Payment Flexibility

Manage cash on delivery and various currencies securely.

Delivery Management

Handle every type of delivery efficiently, optimizing routes and loads.

Reporting & Analytics

Gain valuable insights with intuitive reports and smart analytics.

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Simplifying B2B Commerce

Empower Your B2B Operations

KART B2B is designed to streamline and simplify the complexities of B2B commerce. Manage and personalize every aspect of your B2B operations, from order processing and pricing to customer accounts and inventory management. Experience a unified platform that caters to your unique B2B needs and helps you unlock new opportunities for growth.

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Thrive in the B2C Digital Landscape

Unleash the Power of KART B2C Commerce

With KART B2C, deliver seamless shopping experiences that delight your customers. Whether you're selling to individuals or businesses, our mobile-friendly and flexible ecommerce platform allows you to scale effortlessly and drive revenue growth. Offer personalized catalogs, multiple payment options, and advanced features to keep your B2C commerce thriving.

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Headless Commerce for a Modern Shopping Experience

Unify Frontend and Back-Office Operations with KART

KART offers a headless modular approach, empowering you to create dynamic, user-friendly shopping experiences across multiple channels and devices. Unify your B2B and B2C operations under one platform, simplifying management, reducing costs, and providing a seamless customer journey from browsing to checkout.

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Connect, Automate, and Expand with KART Integrations

Unleash the Power of KART B2C Commerce

KART integrates effortlessly with various Illuminate products, including MRKT POS, Flow Order Management, RYSE CRM, DEPOT Inventory & WAREHOUSE MANAGEMENT, CARGO Delivery & Dispatch Management System, and more. Leverage the power of our pre-built integrations and APIs to create a unified, efficient ecosystem that drives your ecommerce success.

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Discover the transformative potential of KART for your business with a flexible, scalable, and personalized platform that drives growth & simplifies operations.

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