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Are you tired of the complexities and bottlenecks in your order management process? Say hello to Flow - the game-changing Order Management Software (OMS) by Illuminate. Seamlessly streamline and elevate your business operations with this powerful solution that transforms the way you handle orders.

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Integration and Connectivity

Effortless Integration

Connect Flow with your existing systems like ERP, CRM, and e-commerce platforms, ensuring seamless data flow without disruptions. Say goodbye to data silos and enjoy a unified view of your operations.

Manage or Add New Sales Channels

Stay agile and competitive by easily managing existing sales channels or swiftly adding new ones. Flow adapts to changing customer preferences and market trends with ease.

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Flexibility and Customization

Modular Flexibility

Tailor Flow to fit your unique business needs with our modular approach. Add features incrementally to reduce complexity and achieve a perfect fit for your workflow.

Customize with Confidence

Customize Flow to your heart's content without vendor dependence. Our versionless SaaS offers continuous upgrades and flexibility to keep up with your evolving needs.

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Insights and Decision Making

Real-Time Insights

Gain actionable insights by accessing real-time information on orders, inventory, and customer data. Make informed decisions and stay ahead of demand to keep your customers happy.

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Order Inventory & Fulfillment

Fulfillment Optimization

Effortlessly optimize order fulfillment with our intelligent Order Routing UI. Prioritize sourcing locations, automate order splitting, and reduce shipping costs, ensuring efficient and timely deliveries.

Inventory Management

Bid farewell to stockouts and data silos. Flow enables company-wide inventory visibility, allowing you to allocate stock efficiently while avoiding costly markdowns & shrinkage.

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Order Control and Accuracy

Order Approvals

Empower your team with order approval processes. Ensure better control and compliance before orders are finalized, enhancing accuracy and customer satisfaction.

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Order Workflows

Customer Experience and Revenue Opportunities

Delight Customers

Provide seamless omnichannel experiences that leave a lasting impression on your customers. Unify their journey across all sales channels, ensuring satisfaction and loyalty.

Boost Revenue

Open up inventory from physical stores to e-commerce customers, tapping into hidden revenue streams that you wouldn't have accessed otherwise.

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Flow is designed to simplify operations and ignite growth for businesses of all sizes and industries. Don't let order management complexities hold you back. Join countless businesses who trust Flow to streamline their operations.

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