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Cargo is an easy-to-use logistics solution that helps businesses manage deliveries, drivers, 3PL carriers and customers from one centralized platform. Fully automate delivery operations and enhance delivery and driver performance by connecting to all facets of your business.

Gain a holistic view of all processes in real-time and make informed decisions every time.

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Management & Dispatching

CARGO provides dispatchers, supervisors, and administrators with a powerful web application, enabling them to seamlessly manage deliveries, track real-time updates, generate insightful reports, and effectively handle any exceptions that may arise, ensuring smooth and efficient last-mile operations.
Intelligent Scheduling, Load & Route Optimization

Streamline operations with powerful capabilities for route optimization and intelligent scheduling & load planning for optimal efficiency.

Real-time Tracking & Transparency

Track your drivers in real-time, gain complete visibility into the delivery process, and keep your customers informed every step of the way.

Bulk Actions & Efficiency

Execute actions on multiple shipments simultaneously, thanks to our efficient bulk actions and integrated barcode scanners.

Comprehensive Notifications & Integrations

Engage and update your customers with SMS, WhatsApp, and seamless integrations, keeping them connected and informed.

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Driver App

The driver mobile app for CARGO empowers drivers with a user-friendly interface, allowing them to efficiently manage their deliveries, prioritize tasks, capture electronic proof of deliveries, and streamline communication with customers, ensuring a smooth and successful last-mile delivery experience.
Smart Dispatching & Loading

Our intelligent algorithms automatically assign shipments to the right drivers and streamline loading processes, eliminating errors and delays.

Accurate Scanning & Verification

Ensure the right packages reach the right customers with built-in camera or scanner verification.

Customizable Electronic Proof of Deliveries (PODs)

Personalize PODs with signatures and photos to capture the joy of successful deliveries.

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Handling of All Types of Deliveries

Cargo DMS is your comprehensive solution for efficiently managing diverse delivery types with unwavering precision:

Seamlessly handle the intricacies of collections and returns, whether it's merchandise retrieval or necessary actions. With Cargo, this process becomes a breeze.


In today's dynamic business landscape, ensuring precise and punctual deliveries is non-negotiable. Cargo empowers you to master every aspect, from order fulfillment to real-time tracking and proactive customer notifications.

Return & Fulfillment Services

Cargo can facilitate fulfillment and return services where shipments are collected from various locations, transported to a warehouse or service center for actions like repairing a phone or notarizing a document, and then subsequently delivred the item to its final destination after the service is completed.

White Box Deliveries

For businesses that demand item verification during deliveries, Cargo has got you covered! Orders & item can be subjected to tracking and verification, ensuring the utmost precision in your deliveries.

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Seamless IoT Integration

Unleash the full potential of IoT technology with Cargo DMS. Our software seamlessly integrates with various cutting-edge technologies, delivering optimized operations and enriched data. Our IoT integrations include:
GPS Tracking

Harness real-time location data to optimize delivery routes, bolstering logistics efficiency and reducing costs.


Ensure the safety and integrity of your cargo by continuously monitoring vital parameters during the delivery process.


Attain unmatched inventory visibility with effortless item tagging and tracking, enhancing inventory management.

WMS Automation

Streamline warehouse operations through automation, reducing errors and expediting order deliveries.

Weight & Scale Machines

Guarantee shipment accuracy and compliance by seamlessly integrating weight and scale machines into Cargo DMS.

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