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Illuminate's DEPOT Warehouse Management Software (WMS) is your game-changing solution to revolutionize your warehouse operations. With DEPOT, you can seamlessly optimize your supply chain, enhance productivity, and gain complete control of your inventory.

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Streamline Your Warehouse Operations and Elevate Efficiency

Effortless Integration

DEPOT effortlessly connects with your existing systems, including ERP and e-commerce platforms. Say goodbye to data silos and experience streamlined operations.DEPOT effortlessly connects with your existing systems, including ERP and e-commerce platforms. Say goodbye to data silos and experience streamlined operations.

Automated Order Management

Replace manual workflows with DEPOT's intelligent mobile app. From order picking to packing and shipping, our barcode integration ensures accuracy and eliminates errors.

Multi-Warehouse Management

Managing multiple warehouses in different locations and countries has never been easier. Optimize shipping routes and reduce delivery times for a seamless customer experience.

Smart Reordering

Set reorder points for each warehouse and automate stock replenishment through purchase orders or stock transfers. Never run out of stock again.

Customizable Access

Grant role-based access to your team, enabling effective collaboration while safeguarding sensitive data. View real-time inventory updates across warehouses.

Real-Time Analytics

Make data-driven decisions with detailed reports on sales, picking, packing, and fulfillment metrics. Stay on top of your warehouse's performance and KPIs that matter most.

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Warehouse Operations

Orders, Fulfillment & Inventory

Fulfillment Order Management

Measure fill rates, analyze competition, and optimize fulfillment processes to enhance customer satisfaction.

Efficient Purchase Order Management

Create and manage purchase orders effortlessly, ensuring smooth reordering and accurate inventory control.

COGS ManagementCOGS Management

Utilize weighted average for cost of goods sold (COGS) management, ensuring accurate financial tracking.

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Streamline Your Warehouse Operations and Elevate Efficiency

Multi-Warehouse and Inventory Management

Seamlessly manage multiple warehouses across various locations, streamlining your supply chain.

Real-Time Stock Tracking

Monitor stock in transit, allocated, and available in real-time, ensuring precise inventory control.

Manual Stock Adjustment

Adjust stock and inventory with complete audit visibility, empowering you with full control over inventory accuracy.

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Warehouse Operations

Request a personalized demo or get in touch with our team today to experience the power of DEPOT WMS. Simplify complexities, optimize operations, and ignite growth for your business with Illuminate's DEPOT Warehouse Management Software.

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