Case Study for CRM - Automotive - Westcan Auto Parts by Illuminate



Wholesale and retail market for all your automotive, industrial and safety supply needs.


With a high sales rep turnover, Westcan Auto Parts had no way of keeping track of customer statuses, conversations or interactions that ever took place. Management felt in the dark with minimal insights and no real performance measures.


All customer touchpoints, including call center, website, social media and in person are easily captured and recorded into one centralized timeline. Management can view every customer conversation, action and outcome that took place anytime and from anywhere.

Time & resources are freed by using mobile ryse CRM to quickly update customer information on the go and by using voice to text to record immediate meeting outcomes rather than spending hours after work generating reports.


Thanks to the team at Illuminate Software Solutions we have a greater understanding of our sales teams, customers and their needs. It's been amazing to watch the software grow and scale. We have yet to hear them say NOT possible. Looking forward to evolving with your innovations and stellar support!

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