Case Study for CRM - Real Estate - Tattva Mittal by Illuminate



TATTVAMITTAL is property development and management comapny. They just launched their new brand initiative and aim to have hundreds of sales agents to sell from their extensive portfolio and while building client relations.


Required a comprehensive solution to cover all aspects of their sales funnel from initial prospect to managing ongoing customer relations

For their growing leads and client database, they were looking for one centralized system where every customer touchpoint, conversation or interaction can be recorded for easy access and quick updates.


Leads are nurtured, managed and converted to customers in a simple yet effective manner.

All client data is neatly presented in a timeline, recording every customer touchpoint be it online, call center, in person or social media. They can very easily access information in real-time and update on the go.

Managing Partner

Turnkey Real-Estate solutions flood the indian market with competitive prices. These turnkey solutions would have easily fulfilled our basic needs, however, we decided to go with Illuminate Software because of their international experience and forward way of thinking as they are always creating and adding to the system. The system continues to beautifully evolve with our growing business. They have been by our side every step of the way and have enhanced our management experience.

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